Use Your Xbox 360 Controller with Your Mac to Play Games

Do you love playing games on your Mac? Well, obviously you do but at some point you might feel the need of having a more easy-to-handle game controller in your hand so that you can play your favorite games from the Mac App Store the way you want it, just like you play on your PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360. Luckily there is an app called “GamePad Companion” available in the iTunes store. By using this app, you can easily use your USB-based gaming controllers with your Mac.


game pad

If you have an Xbox 360 wired game controller or any other USB-based game controller you can connect it with your Mac via this app and play the game you want to. There aren’t any complicated settings and it doesn’t even require any installation of software just install the app from the iTunes store and connect your USB-based controller with your Mac (only USB HID standardized controllers are supported).

The app is up for just $7.99. This cost might appear heavy for you but it is only a one-time fee and I would certainly recommend it over buying a new tailored game controller for your Mac.


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