Windows 8 – Use Photo As Your Password

Microsoft has been finding up the new solutions to get a new way of different login system where the remembering a password is a bit finding hard task and the Microsoft had unveiled their new different login system where as it uses a picture as a password on a touch screen device.


The idea is simple to get login via using a image where can grant you the access to your device or a gadget far easier and faster than the old text password based passwords.

This system would work as a feature to alongside the old text based password rather than to replace it. If the user draws the five time wrong gesture in a row it would prompt for the password setup when the first used the device.

The prematurations and the circles on the taps can be highlighted on the picture and as said it is much far better than the old text based service.

Photo As Your Password
Photo As Your Password

The initial calculations show that it is likely to provide a level of security that is at least as strong as a password, and frankly, stronger than most passwords chosen by users, The research was “interesting and cute” but may introduce other security problems.

It could, make people vulnerable to “shoulder surfing” – a practice better known from cash machines where crooks try to spot a victim’s Pin as they tap it into a number pad. With this gesture input, folks may find it easier to see the movements you are making.


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