Wickr App – Privacy Will be a Private Concern Now

Wickr App

Ever imagined what happens to your text messages after you send them or even when they are stored in your phone? How could your privacy be thwarted when you send a text? Are your communications safe, as you think they are? In reality and the answer to all the above questions, all our communications weather personal or business can be easily traced and we have no control over how the data is being sent, how it is stored and who can access it besides us.

To prevent such breaches and to make privacy an actual private concern, a new startup has brought its app, Wickr. Being downloaded thousand times a day by iPhone, iPad users, since it hit the apple app store on Wednesday, the app guarantees that the text messages stay in the user’s control.

So, what does it do? Basically Wickr is responsible for encrypting the complete data, so that no copies can be traced while on the way of transmitting the message. The messages will pass from the wickr servers and after it is retrieved by the recipient, the message will be deleted from the server. It uses AES-256 and RSA-4096 encryption, considered to be decently secure algorithms. Also, the messages are set to self destruct after a period of time, while the sender can decide, the time for which the file should remain existing once opened. Once the content expires, it is overwritten with garbage values. So, an extra protection from forensics which go for recovery of the deleted data.

The simple app can be downloaded and installed on the devices. The user only needs to do a registration with the company. After the registering process, the user can continue text messaging with any other wickr user without any fear of security issues. Now, it’s not just limited to text messages but also voice messages, pictures and videos will be safely transmitted.

Because of the growing popularity, the San Francisco based start up is working on the app version for smartphones and Android operating system. Also, progress is being done to cover up security concerns of email services like Gmail and Outlook. The app’s free as of now but charge for its premium services i.e offering of some advanced features like sending large files or messaging to a large group of people.

To find more details, check out Mywickr.com


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