How to Watch Live London 2012 Olympics via BBC iPlayer [for non-UK residents]

What if you could watch live London 2012 Olympics, even if you live outside of London? Well that may be the thing many non-UK residents have been searching for. Then it is good news for all Non-UK residents who would love to know that now they can also watch Live London 2012 Olympics via BBC iPlayer. It is available for free but watching Live London 2012 Olympics outside of London requires a bit more than just using your BBC iPlayer.

london olympics

If you want to stream the London 2012 Olympics, you surely can do so on your internet connected device. Thanks to an online tipster, this has become possible. You just need to sign up for an account at UndoDNS or more commonly known as UnoTelly which solely depends on how you look at their website name. By simply registering for an account at UnoTelly you can view live BBC’s coverage of the London 2012 Olympics. You should be thanking the company to let it remain free for this Olympics season, however once the London 2012 Olympics event passes, you will have to pay again as usual.


The configuration is easy to manage and understand. You just need to change your computers or mobile’s or any other device’s DNS settings to the server that will be told automatically by UnoTelly. Once you change your device’s DNS settings, leave the rest on the BBC’s online coverage to update you with the live London 2012 Olympics even though you live anywhere in the world apart from London.

This might not be a new idea to some, but I must say it is pretty easy to execute and the whole process is a breeze. It just takes a couple of minutes to execute the whole process. Once you are done with the setup, you will be able to stream the live sights from London 2012 Olympics event. Even it is available for free (at least for now), that means you can watch the London 2012 Olympics for free. But once the free trial (London 2012 Olympics) gets over, don’t expect it to be free anymore. So grab this opportunity today!


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