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Wait Comes to an End – Windows 8 to Arrive in October

Finally the wait comes to the cease! The far spread rumours also stand corrected. Yes, this is Microsoft finally announcing the release date of Windows 8. The company said that the latest operating system, Windows 8 will be available to public in late October this year.

Windows 8
Windows 8

This latest windows will be made to manufacturing (RTM) disposal by the first week of August and will be available in 109 languages across 231 markets all over the world later in October. The chief executive of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer comments that this is the biggest deal for the company in at least 17 years. Further calling it the foundation on which the company is built on, he seems excited disclosing the release dates. Of course, the entire world is also looking forward to this new environment to step into their personal computers and change everything once again. The most thrilling feature of this latest version is that it will easily allow users to store and share any content and personal stuff among a variety of devices using “Skydrive” Cloud computing service. Imagine, unlimited storage and simple sharing!


This new system will be supported by many devices including smartphones and tablets. With Microsoft gearing into the business of tablet computers, the already established rapport with the new system can certainly help the company which has to compete with leaders, Apple and Google. More details about this will be mobilized soon. For the time being, people are free to try apps on the Windows 8 free preview.

Users will be able to upgrade from Windows 7 home basic, premium, professional and ultimate while maintaining their settings, files and applications with just $14.99. Windows vista and XP users can also upgrade with some restrictions on the maintenance of files and other windows settings by paying a considerable amount of charging fees. Cross architecture transition i.e 32 bit to 64 bit will still not be available. The user can choose among 3 out of the total 4 editions (Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8 Enterprise, Windows 8 RT) of the Windows 8 being released.

With Windows 8, Microsoft is on cloud nine, maintaining its status of being a innovative company. It is releasing a new version of its popular office suite called Office 365 Open and also acquiring Perceptive Pixel soon which is involved with developing multi-touch displays. The collaboration aims to deliver more powerful Windows 8 PCs and open new avenues of productivity and intelligence.


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