United Nations Website Hacked

According with the news from the BBC a group of hackers had posted a more than a 100 email addresses and the login details which were of been more had extracted from the U.N. and most of the email details are been the users of the UNDP members. the group had identified it as a team poison, had attend the UN behaviors. one of the spokesperson from the united Nation Development Programmed had disclosed that they believed that they targeted the old servers which had the older data. and the UNDP is also getting it all closed to take all the necessary action to get close any vulnerabilities if the website. the website is not been compromised.



The details which were hacked by the team poison on a website paste bin. With the logo of a teampoision. the most of the accounts were the undo.org and appeared to be as the members of the organization of the WHO World Health Organization and the respective OECD and ONS members. the person who got it also knows that the several of the account don’t have the passwords.

This team poison also had breached the security of the blackberry and had even published the former UK. Prime minister. And this team also had recently had announced to hack the financial institutions ad targeting banks operation named Robin Hood.


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