Toshiba Launches Glasses Free 3D TVs


Japanese electronics giant Toshiba Dan Dan meddelat first launched liquid crystal display 3D TV which does not need users to wear the 3D spectacles.
Toshiba will offer 20-inch, 12 inch REGZA GL1 series since the ending of December in  Japan,Says the company.

There are currently two new models of the televisions which will be soon available in the market. 1) 12 inch model which would be available for 120,000 yen which is around $1,400 whereas another model which is in 20-inch size carries the price tag of 240,000 yen, According to Dow Jones report.

In today’s general 3D televisions , the 3D effect is produced by the viewers spectacles illusion effect taking place between the TV screen and the eye of the viewer.hence ultimately creating the illusion of depth known as 3D effect.

Past producer of 3D televisions have made the  demand to increase
but the new toshiba 3D TV system comes with a 3D effect where the viewer do not need to go for the spectacles.this effect is done by the processing technology which create the filetration effect of 3D images , this effect can be seen at any angle from the screen of TV. The company is planning to produce large screens as well as small screens also for multipurposes.such as Personal monitors.

Already there are some LCD touchscreen which produce the 3D effect at a distance. this technology is now available in the mobile phones, Nintendo 3DS gaming console and digital cameras etc. the New 3D TV system is soon going to hit the world market in Feb. 2011.


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