Top Gadgets in 2011

The 2011 have been a better probable with the gadgets which had much revolutionized with the vastest varieties of the tablet pc and the mobiles. Laptops 3d camcorders etc.



The Best Smart Phone: There is tie between which to chose is much tougher so we gave it to the Apple iPhone 4S if you want android then none other could compete the Samsung galaxy S II.

Top Gadgets in 2011
Top Gadgets in 2011


The Best Laptop: IF you prefer the Mac can be the best is the 15inch i7 Mac Book.

The Best Netbook: In this segment the one company which had swept all the stakes in the net books is the series Aspire One 722 with a atom processor which does supports a HDMI OUTPUT which last long a 7 hrs of charge time.

The Best 3D Laptop: Aseus G51Jx3DE which had beat out all of its competitors out with it inbuilt feature of emitter which has a best sort of overall experience.

The Best Ultraportable: In this section we give up it to the Sony VaIO z series which is a super slim and sleek.

The Best Gaming Laptop: The get the best out of your experience gaming on a laptop is the only one of it class is the alien ware mx17 and if is never even less if you name it as a monster or a beast.

Best Processor: In a niche of the processors range of core the I5 PROCESSOR had some cool hits for the smooth handling of games and also the budget.

The Best Tablet: It is the only one hear which never would come close to it was the apple iPad 2.where for it mobility agility and light but true off it nothing else is much like it.

The Best Android Tablet: Next to the apple was the same competitor is the galaxy tab 10 which runs on the honeycomb which in this category makes it the best.

Whereas of this year’s best gadgets and await a much upcoming boom in the technology and the gadgets a head.


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