Top 6 PayPal Alternatives

PayPal AlternativesPayPal is one of the best service providers when it comes to online money payment. It is very easy to use and secure way of money transfer while doing online marketing. But PayPal also has many disadvantages. Many individuals PayPal account frozen without any reason and any explanation.  Which affects them to wait for long time while money transferring. It also asks for many identification proofs such as pan card, identification card and driving license even though the account holders are having valid credit card for money transferring. If you are having only credit for money transfer many alternative are present for sending and receiving money safely. Here are some top 6 alternative for safe money transfer.

1. MoneyBookers:

This business organization used for sending and receiving money through online. They are offering service in different language for worldwide customers. Individual can use their e-mails for sending and receiving money and also charge lesser compared to PayPal and it will be best alternative.


2. Xoom:

By this service you can easily send and receive money anywhere in world through internet for your family and friends. The customers can avail the money by cash, deposited in his account and can receive via cheque. The option may differ according to the customer’s country.


3. Alertpay:

This service newly inaugurated and has extraordinary growth in money transferring service provider. This service will offers all the service provided by the PayPal. The main advantage of this service is you can send and receive money to registered and unregistered users via e-mails easily.


4. 2Checkout:

Is a payment service provider will work as mediator better the seller and the buyer. This service can accept checks, credit cards and online payment through online banking. This will guide customer for the whole process of money transferring and used as alternative for PayPal.


5. OboPay:

Is a business organization dedicated for mobile payment service. This service allows the customers to transfer of money between mobile phones. This can service used in mobile through SMS, mobile application and web browser. This service helps to add money from your bank accounts and credit cards for transferring money.


6. CCNow:

This service acts as a bridge between buying and selling online. This service offers shopping cart, checking, order tracking and customer service through e-commerce solution. The customer must choose the online payment alternative rightly for their safe and secure money transferring.



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  1. I got so tired of paypal constantly holding my funds and giving my merchandise away that I now refuse to use them. I found as a paypal alternative and they differ in a few (and very important ways); they are a real federally regulated merchant service provider, never hold my funds, money is directly deposited in to my checking account and great customer service. I can use them to sell on eBay as well as my website and best of all I don’t have to deal with paypal anymore!

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