Top 5 Antivirus Software for 2012

Antivirus program on a PC is a must and it does to prevent the software’s from the threats malware spyware programs and the any other of vulnerable threats to get protect their p.c or an laptop and the most users were in a search to find the top best antivirus program that which does not end up compromising of the systems speed and should conveniently should protect their systems of the threats and now we now got a review of the most top antivirus program which does defend the pc or your laptops from the potential threats and must be a worth enough.



1. Free AVAST Antivirus: It is the most of the worlds popular antivirus program and the a vast antivirus is a free software which offers anti spyware and the a vast is accurately does update and does offer a worry free of the downloading the stuff or social networking even gaming .and this have a 170million free registered users and is the best of all other five free antivirus programs in 2012.

2. AVG Antivirus 2012: AVG FREE version does it offers a very basic protection of high quality for the users of home mostly for the social networking or the sharing users and it is the top 2nd virus and is also having the top place at the users rating

3. AVIRA Antivirus: This is an a entry level software which does do eliminates the malware root kits adware. Including the worms and does have a future generic removal engine and it is a well trusted sites does stands at the 3rd place.

4. MICROSOFT Security Essentials: This is a free software which is especially designed by the Microsoft for the home users and small business purpose which does the basic functioning of the anti spyware,realtime detection and it is a very light weight software and it takes the 4th place of it.

5. AD Aware Internet Security: Ad Aware free internet security does have a advanced geancode detection technology which does automatically does update and does best in removing of root kit protection does places at the 5th place in the category of our top 5 lists.

And these were the best of the free antivirus programs which does gives a maximum out protection and you must have to be a bit selecting wise piece of software that seams better and runs good on your PC or a laptop without a lag.


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