Top 10 Tips to Get More Facebook Fans

Are you a facebook fan? Have you thought of a single day to be spent without visiting the facebook page? OH, this is quite impossible. Facebook has become a part of life for most of the people today. Each one has their own facebook page and looks for several attempts to attract more fans on their facebook page. Below given are top ten tips to invite millions of fans on your facebook page.


Let’s see how:

1. Send invitees to your friends- this is very easy and needs no efforts. You simply have to click on the links that says “Suggest to Friends” and invite other users whom you think would prefer to be your fan. After collecting twenty five fans, you are free claim the URL-friendly page.


2. Send invitees to the subscribers- you can drop an email to all the subscribers and invite them to be your fan. You need to specify a good reason for this such as a content they would not like to miss or extraordinary deals for the facebook fans.

3. Incorporate the link of your facebook page everywhere- you can use your facebook page link everywhere like in your business cards, as an email signature, in your brochures or at your store.

4. Make use of facebook comments on your website- the incredible characteristic of facebook widget is that is enables one to post comments on your page and blog posts means that these comments will return back to your facebook profile. This can be viewed easily by all your friends and it will thereby, give a good exposure to your business.

5. Insert the facebook widget on your website- as we all know that facebook consists of a number of widgets that one can place on their site to and send invitees to people to become your fan.

6. Perform viral contests- you can tell your friends to write something on your wall page. It may be anything like a comment, picture or a video. The one who receives maximum number of likes often wins. Hence, you can motivate the contestants to invite other people who can vote for them. Some examples for contests could be drinking one full soda bottle in ten seconds or less and video tape it. Or, it can be posting a Halloween costume, or commenting on why your organization should get a free site.

7. Using the Reveal Tab- the facebook pages allows a person to display one tab to fans and another one to those who are not fans. Hence, you can show the non-fans a specific message to convince them. Explain them what they can earn after becoming a fan. But, remember that this should be something of good value. The Weekly World News has elite content for their fans and 1-800-FLOWERS invites people to ‘Like’ their page and in turn, they get exclusive deals/ offers.

8. Ask the fans to tag their Images- if you take photo of some event organized, you can tag the individuals present in the photo image or ask them to tag themselves. This will display the photo on their walls and all can see them.

9. Making use of the facebook advertisements- this is the best option if you are aware of what you are doing. However, if you don’t, then you will simply waste adequate sum.

10. Entrench facebook videos- people are familiar with YouTube Video embedding, same thing can be done with facebook.

These are the top ten tips to invite maximum number of facebook fans.


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