Is It The Time to Quit Facebook?


With events like Quit Facebook day, “Get off Facebook campaign” and others being organized all over the world, the time has come to finally dump yet another social networking site if not now, soon. For over eight years, the giant has ruled our lives since its formation in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and his fellow students. Connections have been made, networking reached its height and people felt closer as never before, so why the need to quit the site arises? Well, most important of all, the site has taken control of our lives – and here are talking not only about the time and other resources spent on it but other concerns like privacy breach. Today, whatever you are doing, wherever you are can be found to be accessed by the networking giant.


The reason company states is that it is making the lives of people easier and is helping promote targeted advertising but rather than the life becoming more smart, we are falling victims to privacy violations, unnecessary disclosure of information, censorship issues and other online infringements.

So, what are these issues? Allowing apps to access your private information when you have no other option to read or join a group or app. The notification clearly states that any data could be accessed. Now, how this content will be utilized on that remote server is never mentioned anywhere. Clearly, the privacy is at stake. The new targeted advertising feature introduced by the company also overlooks the confidentiality of a user. The apps used by the user will help advertisers put targeted advertisements in the newsfeed rather than random form of advertising.

Now, the location, the interests are also no longer in control of the user besides other issues like posts which are automatically updated on your profile if you access some sites already integrated with Facebook. This is like whatever you are doing, the whole world will get to know about it even if it is as simple as liking a product brand. The gaming mania on Facebook, those game apps too have all the information that is available on our profile like the email address, gender, our friend list, birth date etc which is vigilantly stored in their databases. How is this information used is not described.

Over and above, if you have unknown people added in your profile, Facebook always gives them option to download your pictures and images which can be put to malicious use. Nevertheless, sometimes the account settings do not help either if we unintentionally forget to keep our profile visible to only our friends. Now, for some people the social networking giant may still be counted as a boon as to how the life has got so within reach but as we look at the side effects in the long run, we see how much it will be costing us. If not implemented fully now, the whole network will change into a closed loop of people and technology running after our private lives soon.

If quitting is yet not on your list, you can adopt some other measures too to restrict any breach. Its recommended to not use the email address dedicated to Facebook for other official works like online transactions etc. Check and read the privacy settings carefully and stick to those which are most safe. It’s good to enable login notifications so that any unknown activity on your profile can be recognized. Avoid using third party apps and always install apps that come from a trusted source. Control how your status and posts are visible on your profile and who can access them via account settings.

At last, it’s still recommended to quit the site and get involved with your connections in real than just relying on a virtual network.


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