Technology Ruling Us: Some Advices to Get off the Addiction Hook

We live in a world where Technology dictates us. From our homes to our vehicles and from our professional lives to our social networks, we are surrounded by a plethora of gadgets and electronic devices. The world has become smaller and we have grown addictive of this technological change.


Our lives have taken a different turn all together. Researchers at University of Glasgow have found that many people check their email once an hour, which sometimes is reported to be extended to 30-40 times during only a short span of time. Take another instance, people can’t put off their smartphones even on vacations. Facebook and other social networking sites need to be constantly updated as if that virtual world is the reality.

This is the new concern of the people all over the world. With strident desire of getting modernized with these devices and internet, we are hurting out personal interactions, our efficiency and the work output. The time and other resources we are employing in such craving is way more than the result and satisfaction we are obtaining in return. Stuart Crabb, a director in the executive offices of Facebook, like a growing number of technology leaders, also offers a warning: log off once in awhile, and put them down.

So when these leaders whose market is derived from us people spending time online are offering such advices, there must be a genuine reason which may prove to be harmful for us. As always said, each product will have its pros and cons, but ultimately it will be in our hands to put it to its right use.

Here are some symptoms to see if you are overly addicted to technology, gaming and internet:

Your personal communication with your family and friends has reduced and you only catch up with people on internet and social networking sites. At night, you are excessively involved with internet and your sleeping routine is majorly disturbed. This problem is often found in teens who take significantly less sleep, resulting in many other problems like depression, low grades, week physical health, anxiety and insomnia. You are often caught in dangerous situations owing to your devices. This may include talking on phones while driving, unnecessary spam, online frauds and privacy infringements.

Now, to come out of this bottle neck situation, the first and the foremost advice is to let these gadgets go for sometime so that you can live your life perfectly simple. The world won’t be ending if you don’t check your email in the vacations or you put your cell phone switched off for a week. Give some time to real world relationships and try building interaction without relying on the virtual internet. Go out, meet people and unplug real happiness. You may become as much tech-savvy as you want, but make sure, you don’t let it get on your nerves!

Happy technology!

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