Sony PlayStation VITA

Sony Corp. had unveiled their new next generation gaming portable device and from the source reported are it will be entering Japan before it hits the many other countries and can be accompanied by 26 other software titles.

The Sony has put the gaming at the best of the latest innovation and this device is not an ordinary other gaming device which is enhanced the gaming experience and is a best rival to the other gaming devices with a full set of the unique features which had a free to carry the gaming Worland play anywhere.

Sony Play Station VITA

The all new Sony Playstation Vita will be entering the market may be next year worldwide and the rival Nintendo will be releasing their 3Ds gaming handheld device this end of the year. Well the Nintendo device is capable of playing the 3d games without a 3d glass and in the next review we will be getting the full detailing about the device. And the playstation officials said that the new Sony playstation vita is been loaded with a possible all of all latest devicing functions which the company is planning for a total entertainment device with3g wifi models and the expected price of the gaming device is you have to give around 250 USD for wifi version and a 299 USD for a 3g version.


The play station vita is available in market from 22-11-2011 which is a much awaiting for the all gamers.


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