How to Do Social Media Optimization?

Social Media Optimization

Social media is a better way to get traffic online. You know social media has become a better platform to work and promote a website. Actually don’t need to work hard and lot in social media, just give time when you feel free, As you know that most of people are using social networking site to share something, making friends or talking with family or friend. can promote website while talking and making friend. If you share any story or website links on social networking site then that story or link will show on all friends update, If you have 1000 friends then can get more visits and clikcs. So,try to make more friends, more friend more traffic! 🙂

Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are top social sites :


1. Facebook : Facebook has become no. 1 social networking site where people come to share something. If you are user, can build profile and if you are business owner then need to build fan page or group, where people come to dicuss or comment on links. Try to get more fans and group member so that can get more clicks. whenever you will share links or story then your all fans will see that links or story. Don’t forget to set username name of each profile even if profile or fan page, can use your brand name in fan page url and set name in profile name and should add that links with image on your website or blog so that visitors can stay update from there.




2. Twitter : Twitter is a also no. 1 micro blogging site where we share something.  We follow and get followers Mostly we share links with content on twitter and most of people use only content like talking to someone.  Don’t forget to use hashtags and short url, if you have blog post, your url will be too long, just short it with some of short url site or twitter will do too, if you share story with twitter button. While creating account on twitter profile, set your brand name as a username and if it is your own  profile then use your name. You should add twitter links with image on your website or blog so that visitors can stay update from there.




3. Linkedin : Linkedin is a no. 1 professional networking site where we build network to exchange information, ideas and opportunities. Linkedin have follow and following system like twitter but user can can create profile and business owner can create group and company profile which allow to join and follow and can attached with twitter, whenever you post on linkedin like link or content with links will automatically post in twitter too. it’s great way to save time and do work, don’t need to open both profile, can post through one profile in two profile. If 100 people are working in your company and if they will add your company name in their profile then automatically will add in company profile page. Linkedin is a better way to get in tough with all working people and student.


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