Simple Techniques to Optimize & Promote a Blog

Search Engine Optimization is not a complicated or a tough job. With proper knowledge, training and skills, you can do it by yourself or you can also hire professionals’ for the same. It’s simply a one-time work that can be managed easily. However, the most significant aspect to achieve success in blog optimization and promotion is bringing your site on the topmost ranks in different search engine like MSN, GoogleYahoo etc.

Optimize & Promote a Blog

So, how to do this? There are some vital elements to know that play an important role in promoting and optimizing your Blog. They are given below:

· Title – title of the webpage should briefly explain the content of the webpage. For instance, if it talks about natural remedies for arthritis pain relief, then the title should be get relief from arthritis by Natural Means and not only arthritis or arthritis pain relief.

· Content – when talking or dealing with SEO, the site content has great importance. The content of your blog should be simple, unique and informative with four to six percent keyword density. Do not spam your content with excessive keyword usage.

· Inter-Cross Linking of Pages – this aids the different search engines to crawl efficiently and even the users can easily refer to the relevant pages. This gradually increases the time limit that your visitors spend your blog or web site. Thus, it plays a vital role in increasing the site reputation in the varied search engines.

· Meta Tags – the description and keywords should be precise and convey the content of your webpage. A good description can display your site apart from the other competitors.

· Back Links – this is another significant matter of concern when dealing with SEO. A site or a blog needs many quality back links to get ranked in the superior positions in the important search engines. You should develop the habit of writing and presenting minimum two articles each day in the different directories regularly.

· Sitemap – it is also a crucial factor that enables the search engine robots to crawl easily through your blog or site. It is advised to submit the XML sitemap to the Google webmaster tool. You can also use sitemap generators online to generate your website sitemap with ease.

· Forum Posting, Directory Submission & Free Blogging – these are some of the best recommended approaches to create quality back links. More number of back links indicates higher chances of your site to be on topmost ranks in the search engines.

These are some of the key factor that plays a vital role in Blog Optimization & Promotion.


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  1. I think you miss ALT text one the most important thing in onpage optimization step to rank for a particular keyword.

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