Sebastian Vettel Wins Inaugural Indian Grand Prix

The First Indian Grand Prix witnessed a terrific stunner by Sebastian Vettel when he crossed the finishing line with an incredible 8.4 seconds of lead from Button. The crowd went berserk during the fantabulous race of Formula-1. It all started with the initial laps of the race, when Vettel took a starting lead with Button, Webber, Schumacher giving a tough fight over the trophy.

Sebastian Vettel

Discourse of The Race!

The Australian driver was challenged by McLaren’s Jenson when he sped past Alonso and Webber to retain second position. The New Delhi Buddh circuit witnessed a historical event yesterday and not to forget the emotions of the people, everyone was on their heels to cheer their favorite drivers. The Greater Noida International Circuit was prepared with precision to make the race as smooth as feathers and the compliment came when the world champion Vettel praised the circuit as one of his favorite. The fans of Schumacher though did not enjoy his performance as red Bull’s maestro stole all the charm leading to a 5th spot finish by the 2004 record holder.


It is with great spirit the crowd went to the circuit to watch the event and believe it or not, traffic started to pour in into greater noida from all across the places. Hamilton and massa had a scuffle in the 24th lap when some firework was seen. While taking a left turn Massa trapped Hamilton from the inside edge and the outcoem was that the Ferrari driver got sidelined off the track. The marketing of the Race across the country was supposed to take a hit because of the 2 deaths in the sports world but the mania of first F1 race in one of the under developed regions of the country sidelined the factors.

The government though had some issues with the organizers regarding the 100 crore tax exemption request but the tension was no where to be seen during the race which took the crowd’s breath away! Pastor Maldonado was pretty unfortunate as he had to took off from first Indian F1 race due to a gearbox problem and Buemi faced smoke problems with his ‘baby car’. It is with extreme superiority and charisma that Vettel held his position throughout. Jenson did challenge him again during the last laps but it was Red Bull’s day. As he crossed the chequered flag the ecstasy was clearly visible on his face as he shouted out loud “ Yes Boys! Yes, we did it”

Sebastian Vettel
Sebastian Vettel


Sebastian Vettel
Sebastian Vettel


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