Samsung Focus S Windows Smartphone

Samsung pretty good phone windows 7 mobile which is cousin of Samsung galaxy s2.the only difference between the booth phones is just the operating system rest all is the same.

This phone is successor to the first ever windows mobile from Samsung which was SAMSUNG FOCUS which was a great mobile phone with a unique features. Well it is the successor FOCUS S is a lot more look a like galaxy s2.


The looks of the new device is more specifically same with the overall of its same styling the just only change was the windows button in the bottom and this phone is a super Amoled plus display which is brighter ever vivid screen and the phone is not a dual cored processor this has a single core 1.4Ghz snapdragon processor and Adereno 205 graphics adapter which it makes phone a good to go away with the windows7 mobile and also had a 1 gb of its ram.

Samsung Focus S

As if it is the second generation of the FOCUS is so it has been equipped with a 8 mega pixels of the cam at rear and it is also equipped with a front 1.3 mega pixel cam which the FOCUS doesn’t have a front cam in it so in second generation the front cam is been upgraded but the drawback of it is it does make a good snaps but it doesn’t support the FULL HD and regarding the storage is it is a limited up to a 16 gb of its internal memory because it doesn’t support EXTERNAL microSD slot.

Neither is not as pretty as the galaxy S2 but overall focus s is a good pretty smart windows based mobile, got nothing more impressive .and the gaming is as it best of its feature so windows 7 apparently matters and infact so this is the high end mobile present now in the w7 based mobile.


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