Rovio Tops Again With Amazing Alex

Finland’s Rovio, developer of Angry Birds is up with another bang! After topping the charts with Angry Birds, now it’s Amazing Alex, a physics puzzle game. News is, Rovio acquired the game from independent developers Noel Llopis and Mystery Coconut recently when it was known as Casey’s Contraptions (also found on iTunes App Store). It was then reviewed, modified and relaunched in market with the new name. Currently, it’s the top paid iphone app in China and many other countries.

amazing alex

The hero of the game, Alex plays a whiz kid, who while cleaning up his room tries to explore his creativity by organizing Rube Goldberg like devices. The game starts with a lengthy tutorial and there are a total of 100 levels in the game with options to create your own levels and share with others. For each level, there are around 35 interactive objects to work where you go though the building phase and the execution phase. First, set up the objects and then arrange to collect all the stars. At the end of levels, for the fun part, Alex gets in trouble with his mom when he is sent out but a hero will be hero, he finds something to start his chain reactions outside too.


With the room full of gadgets and devices, there are puzzles ranging from bouncing balls to targeting balloons with scissors. You will have boxing gloves for destruction and you will also need to move things from pipes. What more! There is no single way to complete a challenge. So, use your creativity and finish the levels. And when everything is explored, design your final challenge yourself using a variety of objects and contraptions. Share levels with friends and compete. For old and young alike, the game is catching attention all over the world.

As a character, the anime kid, Alex is likely to succeed in the world of mobile games. Also with the power of Rovio, the reviews have been positive too. Though, many such physics games are around which have been developed more skillfully but we live in a world where brand speaks. Rovio established a good name with Angry Birds, so now the automatic affect will be an assertive outlook for Amazing Alex.

Finally, if Physics is on your mind, and you want it to be more than just theory, try Amazing Alex and let the smart student and gamer in you come up!


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