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How to Play Flash on iPhone / iPad

You can’t play flash on iPhone, it’s totally worry for us that we are not able to see any flash movie or video even if photo.  As far as i know that all features are available on iPhone and play flash on iPhone is not available, That’s not good. 🙁


No Flash Play on iPhone

But now! you can play, one of company Skyfire’s award-winning technology is now available for iPhone or iPad to play flash. Now! let’s enjoy movie and flash video 😉

Flash Play on iPhone

Skyfire for the iPhone is a small app that allows users to play Flash on their iPhones. It does this when users go to a site that has Flash video content on it. It then activates the app automatically and sends the flash video on to Skyfire’s servers to transcode the flash coding into HTML5 for the iPhone. And the whole process only takes around 10 to 15 seconds.

As you have seen on above the video. How it work and  safari don’t work. The Skyfire app costs around $2.99 in the Apple App Store. and for Android it’s free 😉 That’s good software many people are going for it and That’s how popular it is.

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  1. Hi Thanks for updating boss I really need this..keep updating such updates on regular intervals!!!!

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  2. Good post.. Either if iPhone or iPad has flash support, then there would be no reason in having the app store. Many say flash would be a major cause for safari crashes..

  3. XLNT Video. I proclivity the 8-bit Video Devices mosaics. Lego is another great medial after this kidney of art. Relationship the music as well. What’s the call of the band??
    Regards, Josh

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