Picking The Right Headphones

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All music buffs out there often come across the dilemma of what headphones might serve best, with the right combination of bass, external noise blocking capacity, comfort level etc. With a number of options available, it can be a difficult task to choose the right piece. Today lets take a look at how to pick the right headphones.


Full Size Over The Ear Design- Providing a comfortable boundary around the ear, these have large cups and good sound drivers to give you an awesome bass and deep clarity experience. Generally aimed for audiophiles, these can totally burn a hole in your pocket.

Closed- Medium sized cups with an over the ear design. These headphones are most commonly used and categorized to be comfortable for long use. These offer a limited amount of noise isolation but serve for a quite good audio output.

In-ear Headphones- These headphones are stuck deep inside the ear canal, giving a rich output. They block noises and also provide excellent bass quality. Users can look for ear tips which fits their sizes, for different sizes are made available in the market.

Behind the Neck- These boast of a neckband which connects the two sound drivers, so you need not worry about them falling as they will simply keep on hanging around your neck. In comparison with Ear buds, these offer good quality in terms of bass and treble.

Ear pads- Fitting over the ear, these headphones have provision of cushioned pads instead of cups that provide an optimum comfort level. These are good for watching movies with too many vocals but do not offer deep bass or prevent ambient voice.

Ear Buds- The earphones we come across with music players are the ear buds. Fairly priced and the portability makes them a good choice, though the output is no more than average and lacks bass. If you are looking for a casual headphone while ensuring a cheap price tag, these are a good pick.

Clip Ons- Coming with a plastic clip to be stuck behind the ear, they do not fall off when the person is on a move. However, they do not give a good bass quality.

Noise Cancelling- Generally wireless and battery powered, they produce a n artificial noise-isolation feeling. The purpose is solved by large ear cups and these can also be folded to be portable. Good pick if you travel a lot.

Over and above, remember, our ears can begin to suffer from permanent hearing loss if sustained to sound levels over 85dB SPL. In reality, many headphones may exceed this level, so make sure you put off your audio devices frequently and let your ears gain the normal momentum.


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