Nokia to Launch First Windows 8 Tablet

NOKIA the biggest seller of mobile phones from the Finland is leaping their steps forward into the tablet p.c business and they are planning to set their device released by the June 2012.


The device is to be a windows based operating system which is an the operating system by the Microsoft windows 8 and mainly this tab is going to be targeted to be as iPad competitor and by the June next leap year we can get hands on the tab which is to be runs on a windows 8 platform. Well the nokia had not yet specifically had indicated the date of release tough because the Microsoft has not yet gave the details about the release date for their new o.s Windows 8.

Nokia Lumia 800
Nokia Lumia 800

Also their first windows mobile NOKIA LUMINA 800 which is the launched today in Europe and it is been soon prepared to launch it in U.S by 2012 and the nokia Lumina is equipped with the 512 of ram, single core processor front cam and on track the Samsung also planning to launch their windows 8 tablet by the second half of the 2012 which was announced by the Samsung last week which would be a modified version of the series 7 slate by Samsung which is running the windows 7 now and lts now wait for the release of the device and look in to it and hope the windows 8 would let make a good leaping step by the next year soon.


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