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Meet The Wii U Gamepad, Nintendo’s Answer To Gaming On The iPad

Nintendo finally revealed their newest version of the Wii U’s controller. The said controller is now being named as “Gamepad” which was publicized during the pre-E3 press conference. The design of this controller is comparable to the prototype unit that the company showed last year.


The pre-briefing held did not provide detailed information about the Wii U Gamepad on their presentation. Those details were being reserved for the upcoming big E3 event of Nintendo. Back to the previous years, Microsoft has start the celebration with the first major conference. However, few days ago, Nintendo had just announced an online press conference announcing the Wii U prior to the start of the trade show which took a bit of Microsoft’s E3 swagger.

Wii U Gamepad

The new game console tablet is equipped with 6.2-inch pressure touch-sensitive screen with the directional pads and its traditional buttons. Instead of the 3DS-like circle pads, the Gamepad is featured two stick-type elements which are more suitable for portable devices where players need a low profile for the hardware.

Nintendo also features the NFC Technology in the Gamepad which will allow it to read and write data from cards. It also includes a gyroscope or accelerometer but the function of this feature has not been detailed yet. It is designed to sense movement with motion and gyro sensors. The price and availability of the device was left unannounced.

Together with this new technology “Gamepad”, Nintendo also unveiled some details about the home theater remote app which provides electronic programming guide and basic number pad to the users. It probably prefigures an announcement of a better home theater this week. Nintendo should make a good presentation of their new Wii U Gamepad. iPad is wearing away at Nintendo’s appeal while overhauling gamers to think titles should only cost $1.99.

Nintendo is trying to make the Wii’s motion gaming just like gaming on tablets with their new Wii U Gamepad. Nintendo is not focusing on the hardware itself but rather on the experience of the users. Expect Nintendo to take the wraps off more detailed features of this Wii U Gamepad within this week.


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