How Linkedin Can Help to Your Business?

Well, have you ever think to promote your business through Linkedin? Can linkedin help you to grow your business? should i go for linkedin? It’s the time to think about it. Doesn’t matter whether your business small or big.

We know very well that how to create a linkedin profile and update it with your image, name, education details and your websites or blogs. Now! You can link your twitter account with linkedin, it will help you to show twitter updates on your profile. You don’t need to updates linkedin manually.


You can also create a company page, where can add company information like website name, address, company logo, no. of employee. If you have company blog, you can add your feeds, blog post will show on company page. Well, people can follow your company page.


Now! let’s talk about Linkedin Ads. Have you ever use or heard about linkedin ads? it will help you to show your ads on linkedin. can get more traffic and sales form there, as you know that most of professionals are on linkedin. Pay by clicks or impressions, Stop your ads at any time, No long-term contracts and No commitments. you can start with little with just 10$ each day.

It’s just with 3 steps to get started:

1. Create an Ad – Write your ads with Title and description, add image which will show with your ads.
2. Select a Target Audience – Where you want to show your ads Country or Area?
3. Set Your Budget and Bid – How much you want to spend each day or month and pay for clicks or impressions.


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