LG Unveiled Smart Google TV

LG electronics come joined hands with the Google and launched its first GOOGLE TV.

LG Smart TV with Google TV

With the bulk of the Smart TV platform largely absent from the G6 set, which will arrive in 47 and 55-inch LG is hoping the presence of 3D for the first time on Google TV will twist viewers’ arms into opting for this platform.


Naturally the Logitech Revue box didn’t offer 3D and neither did Sony’s Google TV-equipped TV and Blu-ray player. The G6 set comes packed with LG’s 3D Cinema standard, which is passive 3D to you and I. From an interface level, 3D feels at home on the Google TV platform and will, of course, be complemented by the 3D video you can access either from the home screen 3D video app or through the TV packages you subscribe to.

Google TV
Google TV

Picture quality is as we’ve come to expect from LG’s 3D Cinema standard on the L-Series TVs. In fact there’s nothing new here. 3D images were blur-free and extremely clear.

LG Smart Google TV with Magic Remote QWERTY

LG has chosen to debut a new motion-sensing remote control with this G6. It breaks from the elongated slim Magic Remote the company is still pushing and offers a palm-sized form factor and offers a full qwerty keyboard on the rear, which serves Google TV well due to the built in Chrome web-browser at its max.

The Wi-Fi enabled Magic Remote Qwerty still boasts the same precision when navigating around the OS, although the unit we tested appeared to be a little more sluggish than the streamlined iteration. That may be down to software or the Wi-Fi connection in the convention centre, however.

The nicely-curved remote also boasts a 3D button which enables instant conversion of 2D to 3D pictures, while there’s also voice recognition, meaning that you can enter text using your voice rather than typing it into the search box.

So Google and LG had not yet mentioned the price of the yet but hope it won’t be likely the cheaper as if I hope.


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