Latest New Apple App SIRI on iPhone 4S

ARTIFICIAL INTELLANGE you had might be thinking about it a Sci-Fi movie with all in movies speaking to the computer you all might be thinking of about it the yes it is yet again and that the Apple is able to got using that artificial out of the movies into the reality which can make its decisions about what you are trying to do, and SIRI can take all of its actions based on the commands what you do.

SIRI on iPhone 4S

How that SIRI is works?

IF you launch the app of the siri just a robotic voice out from your mobile says HOW CAN I HELP YOU which the voice can be of female or male. This is the leaping step into the future of the artificial intelligence which is making whole lot of buzz around the world really this app will change the face of the world into the next genX feature where as of now we can expect this is a stepping milestone into the future.


Well this app is a very new way of control of mobile with voice instead of dictating set of commands rather than you can your phone to surf for you. iOS 5 will also be available as a free software update for iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS customers.

AWESOME 🙂 Enough for anyone to ditch Android or wp7 for this! Hear look at this demo video you must be amazed!


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  1. Hello, This is a really nice looking site. Are you a website designer or did someone make this lovely design for you?

  2. nice to read … i love siri. even if it really only works in english.
    hope they improve it soon still running the beta version.

    i love you siri 🙂

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