Japanese Toilet Company Creates Poop-Powered Bike

Toilet manufacturer company of japan TOTO creates a motorcycle, runs on biogas derived from human waste. The name of motorcycle is Toilet Bike Neo have three-wheeled. You can also enjoy with talks & music. the campaign is part of the TOTO Green Challenge.


According to If you’re wondering, how do I catch a glimpse of this fantastic contraption? Well, you’re not alone. The motorcycle doesn’t take off until October 6th so the staff are slowly leaking details. What we know is that the starting point is the TOTO Headquarters in Kitakyushu. It will then head to Nakatsu in Oita prefecture to pay homage to an ass-shaped boulder (yes, they are obviously having a lot of fun with this). From there the motorcycle will hitch a ride on a ferry to Hiroshima, then to Okayama and then to Kobe. After riding around Nara and Kyoto they will hit up Aichi, Shizuoka and then Tokyo.

Toilet Bike Neo


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