Confirmed: The New iPhone Will Have A 19-Pin “Mini” Connector

Apple is currently expected to reveal its new iPhone later this year. The company is about to replace traditional 30-pin dock connector that is used in iPhone, iPad and iPad into a more compact. The planned 19-pin “Mini Dock” connector will be a proprietary to the iPhone 5. It seems like Apple is now ready to give the connector a refresh and make it smaller in the process. Without a doubt, this could a major headache to the manufacturers of iPhone accessories.

iPhone19-Pin Mini
iPhone19-Pin Mini

Apple’s reason of having this new 19-pin dock connector is to save spaces for components of next generation iOS devices, such as 4G radios, bigger batteries, new sensors etc. Though there is an advantage for the build of the iPhone, making rooms for other components, it could be a problem to some manufacturers. Existing docks, of course, are still traditional with the wider connector. It could result in compatibility issues with the existing accessories that makes use of the new 19-pin dock connector.


The new port will look somewhat similar to the new Thunderbolt port on a MacBook. Some rumors say that the new dock connector will feature magnets that could make it similar to those MagSafe and MagSafe 2 power cables of Apple’s MacBook Air and Pro laptops. Other sources says that Apple is not only concerned of making spaces inside the device but also cutting out those accessory manufacturers who didn’t seek for the company’s approval. Having new chip in the phone and the cable could ensure customers that they will buy products that are approved by the company.

iPhone 5 Mini Charging
iPhone 5 Mini Charging

The 30-pin connector has been the standard for Apple devices since third generation iPod. The traditional connector provides good stability in accessories and others. It turned out like Apple is now being more concerned with their hardware and saving spaces for components.

Apple will be using the 19-pin connector as agreed by three independents manufacturers as the new standard on future iPhone generations. They are now working on the new docks and will be a major setback for many accessory manufacturers.


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