ICC Cricket World Cup 2011

ICC Cricket World Cup 2011

Cricket fans, yes the time has arrived for which you have been awaiting so long with keen eyes and great patience. Yes, it’s time for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 is supposed to be the 10th World Cup in Cricket and it will be amongst three thrilling and most energetic teams of Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and India. It will be hosted in the month of February and March, 2011 and the first match will be played on 19 Feb, 2011.


The opening ceremony will be executed in Bangladesh and India will house the Prize ceremony and the final matches. The semifinals will be hosted in Sri Lanka.  Total of 49 matches will be played and amongst them, 29 matches will be played in India itself. This will comprise of the following:

1.    1 Final
2.    1 Semi Final
3.    1 Quarterfinal

In Sri Lanka, about twelve matches will be played that will comprise of 1 semi final and quarterfinal. The remaining eight matches will be played in Bangladesh, which will include just 2 quarterfinals. A group of 14 teams will have a tough competition against each other. For the first time in history, Bangladesh will be co-hosting such a great sport event with other countries.


ICC Cricket World Cup 2011

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 is also known as Cricket world up, which is the leading championship international ODI (One Day International). The International Cricket Council and the sport’s governing body organize this great event every four years. The cricket stadiums in India are all prepared for the upcoming matches and there has been the construction of some new stadiums, as well. The stadiums are well equipped with latest technologies and all the facilities to host the matches properly. On the other side, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are also completely prepared for this mega event and are looking forward to make a history with this ICC Cricket World Cup 2011.

So, all the cricket fans get ready for a wonderful event. Their excitement and curiosity are up to the highest levels. Hold your breath to watch this great competition in the world of cricket, ever. All the three nations are just awaiting to prove their sports spirit, courage and capabilities to demonstrate the world their presence on Earth.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Schedule

Match Date Teams Venue
1 19 Feb India vs Bangladesh Dhaka
2 20 Feb New Zealand vs Kenya Chennai
3 20 Feb Sri Lanka vs Canada Hambantota
4 21 Feb Australia vs Zimbabwe Ahmedabad
5 22 Feb England vs Netherlands Nagpur
6 23 Feb Pakistan vs Kenya Hambantota
7 24 Feb South Africa vs West Indies New Delhi
8 25 Feb Australia vs New Zealand Nagpur
9 25 Feb Bangladesh vs Ireland Dhaka
10 26 Feb Sri Lanka vs Pakistan Colombo
11 27 Feb India vs England Bangalore
12 28 Feb West Indies vs Netherlands New Delhi
13 28 Feb Zimbabwe vs Canada Nagpur
14 1 Mar Sri Lanka vs Kenya Colombo
15 2 Mar England vs Ireland Bangalore
16 3 Mar South Africa vs Netherlands Mohali
17 3 Mar Pakistan vs Canada Colombo
18 4 Mar New Zealand vs Zimbabwe Ahmedabad
19 4 Mar Bangladesh vs West Indies Dhaka
20 5 Mar Sri Lanka vs Australia Colombo
21 6 Mar India vs Ireland Bangalore
22 6 Mar England vs South Africa Chennai
23 7 Mar Kenya vs Canada New Delhi
24 8 Mar Pakistan vs New Zealand Pallekelle
25 9 Mar India vs Netherlands New Delhi
26 10 Mar Sri Lanka vs Zimbabwe Pallekelle
27 11 Mar West Indies vs Ireland Mohali
28 11 Mar Bangladesh vs England Chittagong
29 12 Mar India vs South Africa Nagpur
30 13 Mar New Zealand vs Canada Mumbai
31 13 Mar Australia vs Kenya Bangalore
32 14 Mar Pakistan vs Zimbabwe Pallekelle
33 14 Mar Bangladesh vs Netherlands Chittagong
34 15 Mar South Africa vs Ireland Kolkata
35 16 Mar Australia vs Canada Bangalore
36 17 Mar England vs West Indies Chennai
37 18 Mar Sri Lanka vs New Zealand Mumbai
38 18 Mar Ireland vs Netherlands Kolkata
39 19 Mar Australia vs Pakistan Colombo
40 19 Mar Bangladesh vs South Africa Dhaka
41 20 Mar Zimbabwe vs Kenya Kolkata
42 20 Mar India vs West Indies Chennai
43 23 Mar First Quarterfinal Dhaka
44 24 Mar Second Quarterfinal Colombo
45 25 Mar Third Quarterfinal Dhaka
46 26 Mar Fourth Quarterfinal Ahmedabad
47 29 Mar First Semifinal Colombo
48 30 Mar Second Semifinal Mohali
49 02 Apr FINAL Mumbai

Good Luck to all the participants!!!!! 🙂


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