Huawei Launched World’s Thinnest Smartphone Ascend P6

Huawei Ascend P6

To take on the big competitors in the market, Chinese telecom company Huawei has come up with the world’s thinnest smartphone. Unveiled at the north London venue in a high profile event, the cellphone Ascend P6 is only 6.18mm thick. The flagship product reflects Huawei ambitions to extend its reach beyond China and compete with Samsung and Apple in the race of smartphone technology.

“Our theme for this product is elegance with an edge,” Richard Yu, the chief executive of Huawei’s consumer business group, told an audience of industry figures and journalists at the Roundhouse.

The phone weighs 120 grams with a 4.7 inch touchscreen and has a 5 MP front facing camera in addition to the 8 MP back camera. It uses Huawei’s customized version of Google Android operating system. The camera settings boats of many interesting features including auto scene recognition and face enhancement tool which enables a user to improve the picture looks by factors of one to ten. “We want to provide better products, more innovative products with better design,” said Yu.

Ascend P6 is extremely thin with the design being inspired the sheets of paper, as the lead designer Nick Woodley comments. However, at the present phase, it is not compatible with the high speed next generation 4G networks, which are on a roll all over the world.

Priced at 449 Euros, (approx $600) Huawei is also targeting on price to make the user reconsider his smartphone options. The smartphone is expected to be available in around 19 countries by the end of July, with many more to follow.

The company started making and selling smartphones under its own brand only 3 years ago and was identified to be the world’s fourth largest phone maker after Samsung, Apple and LG electronics in the first quarter of 2013 by the analyst firm Gartner.

With the new product, Huawei is clearly aiming to become a top brand by 2015. If in addition to the design aspects, other features and speed is also improvised, the goal can be turned into a reality as well, keeping in mind the competitive prices selected by the company.

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