Guide to Transform OS X Notification Center into an RSS Feed Reader Via an App

The OS X Mountain Lion operating system has brought many new features to the masses and yet it remains to be one of the most popular OS’s of all time. If there are developers in this world like Peter Kalman, we can push the OS X Mountain Lion’s potential above its limits. He has recently developed “Reader Notifier” free app which lets you use the Notification Center as a news reader / feed.

This lets you get News for free without having you to pay for News services. And yet another great benefit of Reader Notifier is that it has Google Reader support and the application will display you a notification when you receive unread items in your Google Reader box.

reader notifier app

The only thing I don’t like about this app is that it floods your inbox with entries if you’ve subscribed to a big number of feeds. To make that up, there should have been a regulator to manage these entries. However it is still a handy application that is worth downloading.

If you have a Mac running OS X Mountain Lion, you should give this app a try by downloading it from this link [Mac App Store]. It is available for free and yet it gives you a whole lot of benefit of reading news directly at your desktop. What do you think?


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