Google’s Android Market Reached 10 Billion Downloads

Celebration time at Google well it’s a pretty big milestone 10 billion of apps downloaded by a blog post posted by the Google and the search giant had also announced the Google market application were had been accelerated from the past over from the last year and how ever is the pretty big number is the 10 billion the growth has been gone up from the 6 billion from the July to December.


The apple had been celebrated its 10 billionth app in the January of this year and has its growth after the celebration in the January 3 billion apps were been downloaded after it. and two billion were been reported after the just in 5 months after the 20o million activated android devices worldwide and reported that 1 billion applications are every 30 days.

Android Market Growth
Android Market Growth

And much more we had been focusing to possible launch on the android the same day as same do on I os . and the android had been doubled to the quarter over the quarter and had surpass to those on the ios where as the revenue of the android is 30 percent lower than the ios but there can be seen a growth seen in the long term. The below chart shows the growth chart of the Google.

But in just 3 months the growth had been all the way had gone up and the same as average 1 billion apps a month. and in the celebration of the 10billion application it is now offering the top 10 paid apps and the games for the just 10 cents per application such games like the asphalt 6,adrenaline hd and some more of and this is a limited time offer.


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  1. really google android rocks i love the way it is i love it the best and these figures also showz it 🙂

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