Google – U.S Patent The Driver Less Car Driving Technology

A self driving car technology had been patented by the Google this is explaining us that how the intellect is going to take over the right which make switches the vehicle to human mode to self driven mode.


This mode in the application where the vehicle is in autonomous mode where it applied for the patents in the may but it had been a kept secret and had been disclosed today. documents stated that it does have a two sets of a sensors where the first sensor identifies the land strip and the second sensors receive the data that where should the vehicle goes.

Driving Car Technology
Driving Car Technology

The land strip help in the locations of the parking places and additionally, the landing strip may indicate to the vehicle that it is parked in a region where it may transition into autonomous mode.


It says,goole that the landing strip can get mark the ground signs and the wall signs arrows or the lines such like the where the vehicle should park, and the documents reported that it is also having a active GPS system to get the perfect location data and could also find the locations like foliage detect even the trees and the other known landmarks.

The Google also had gave a test driving example by driving a car from the Chicago’s millennium park and programmed to park at the ice rink fountain and sculptures for set amounts of time before returning to its starting point.

This is a great piece of technology which is having a bright feature a head and the Google had been working on it to testify it for a several years, the firm has also successfully lobbied the state of Nevada to pass a law requiring its Department of Transportation to create rules and regulations for autonomous vehicles on its highways.

Google believe it is a technology that is here and now and will start appearing in motorcars in the near future.


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