File Your Taxes on iPhone or Android Phones

File your taxes, it’s worry for everyone. We have to do online through internet or have to go Income tax office to file our taxes. Have you ever think to file income tax through mobile phone? is it possible? Yeah! Now file your income taxes through phone is possible with SnapTax. Only iPhone and Android user can file through phone. You know, snaptax last year in California only. This is the first year avaibale 50 states.

Snap Tax

SnapTax is a free download at the App Store, however, you will be charged $14.99 when you file. Download it from here SnapTax!


Who it’s for (1040EZ filers who) :

Don’t own a home or have kids
Only have W-2, interest, or
Unemployment income to report
Earned less than $80K ($100K if married)

How it works (Download for FREE and) :

Snap a photo of your W-2 to import
Your information
Answer a few quick questions
Review … file … done!

Check out this video and learn how to file income tax online!


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