This Fanless Heatsink is the Next Generation in CPU Cooling

When it comes to electronic devices, heat is a major concern. It is essential to keep the devices cool making sure that it will not overheat and will maintain its function efficiently.

Traditional desktop PCs are always equipped with heatsink with fan to cool processors. They are susceptible to dust and mostly are failing which annoy some users.


The fanless, “almost silent”, dust-immune, efficient Sandia Cooler heatsink might be the answer to this problem. The fanless heatsink is ten times smaller in size than commercial coolers, but 30 times more efficient. A computer heatsink maker and a LED light maker have licensed this new heatsink technology as announced by Sandia National Laboratories. The new technology could lead to thinner and quieter electronics. Desktop computers would no longer need to depend on loud, large, annoying heatsinks.

Fanless Heatsink
Fanless Heatsink

It appears like the heatsink itself is the fan in the Sandia Cooler. It is made with cast metal impeller powered by a brushless motor in the middle. The fanless heatsink‘s impeller blades are designed to split the air at the middle and rejoins the air flow at the edges which will serve as the exit. It is constantly moving at 2000+ RPM which is perfect to make the dust impossible to settle on the blades. Centrifugal force drives out any dust which makes the new heatsink dust-immune. Due to its fanless design, Sandia Cooler is silent in operation which madethis new technology really better.

The system could cool CPUs or even lighting. With the fins, the base, and a motor, this heatsink could offer free cooling for a longer time. With its efficiency, Sandia Cooler is an ideal replacement for heatsink + fan in the world. It is also a less in the electric usage up to 7% if this new technology will replace every traditional heatsink in the US as said by the inventor, Jeff Koplow.

About which CPU or LED maker has licensed the Sandia Cooler is not yet announced. Let’s just be patient and we will find them out soon enough.


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