Facebook Timeline Now Available to Everyone

Facebook community has just now publicized about the introduction of the Facebook Timeline, a new and exclusive profile, which can add yet another feather to its hat.


Timeline basically endows trouble-free way to revive the old posts you have shared with your friends to uncover the memorable flashes. And also aids to bring together the most imperative instances. Further, it allow to share the fresh occurrences that are in your thoughts like music, latest arrivals etc.

At this time, Facebook Timeline can be accessible from nook and corner of the world. Track the following guidelines to take the joy of Timeline.

Facebook Timeline

Review Time for Seven Days

After getting into the timeline, there will be 7 days time available to you to assess the things that are on your timeline, prior to viewing of those by others. There is option for selecting the timeline to make known, at any time throughout the review phase. If you yearn to remain stay in the timeline, then it will be hand-over automatically by design after the review period. Now, the timeline will take the place of your old profile, yet it will retain all your old stories and shares as it is.

You can also check-out how specifically your timeline to your friends looks. Just, select the gear menu provided at top, and choose “View As”. It can be checked either to a particular friend or generally in public mode on your wish.

Highlight or Hide Post

When in your timeline, you can also highlight the specific stories you crave to, like your graduation or the date you owned a new vehicle. Sometimes, chances arise for hiding the some stories, provision are there for it too, in timeline.

In your Facebook timeline, to highlight the stuffs, select the story and mark the “star” to stretch it to 2 columns. Simply select the pencil for hiding the story. If you desire for editing or want to delete specific thing, then follow the same as for hiding. Above all, you can choose the friends list to view your posts by utilizing the privacy dropdown. Option like “Only me” is there, to set the post viewable only to you, while others can’t.

Hide Post

Go Through All your Plays

Activity Log, a brand-new tool has been brought into existence in the timeline. It is a tool which let you have access to all the posts and doings of yours, from very first one to till the last minute. Your activity log is viewed by yourself only.

There are 2 dropdown menus available with each post in activity log. The first is preferable for analyzing and setting the privacy measures whereas second is purely for you to take decision of posting of the stories in the timeline.

To discover the certain posts speedily, just select the “All” dropdown available at top of the page to mark the needy one from the list.

Make Friend

Bag on Timeline Today

To obtain timeline, just visit the “Introducing Timeline” page and select “Get Timeline”. Or else hold on for a moment till Facebook suggests it for you on your profile.

So just explore into the new world of happiness with the additional features of Facebook timeline.


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