Enjoy the Olympics this Year with ‘London 2012’ Official Olympic Video Game

After an exciting adventure with ‘Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic games’, a game which went on to dominate weekly charts, Sega once again presents London 2012– the official Olympic video game for the upcoming 2012 Olympics. Developed by Sega Studios Australia and published by Sega, the London 2012 are yet ready to get the people into gaming spirit. The game was released on June 26, 2012 in America, June 28 in Australia and consecutively on June 29 in Europe.

Official Olympic Video Game
Official Olympic Video Game

With just 27 days remaining to the Olympics, taking place in London this year, the games are letting everyone participate in the mega event from their homes. The feature of online mode, to challenge other gamers over the world is also integrated, making it all the more thrilling. The medal counts will be added to the global leader board, engaging no less than real Olympics games.


The game offers for the players on Cloud (onLive), XBOX 360, PS3 and PC platforms, an extensive set of around 45 events across many Olympic drills and sports and what more, compatible with motion controllers, PlayStation Move and Xbox Kinect for certain events. People can enjoy their likes of Cycling, Springboard Diving, Beach Volleyball, Table tennis, Swimming, Hurdles and Throws along with other modes of Archery and Skeet Shooting.

While the games previously released were criticized for mash button techniques, Sega improvised in London 2012 with the introduction of a little more skills and personality sets. However, the games are still considered to be at flaws, lacking the essential interests but Sega has been admired for its developmental efforts.

The games, ideal for all ages are easy to get into but prove a little difficult to master. The presentation is good, characters finely animated and the crowd cheering looks enthusiastic. Talking about the events, Individual events like table tennis are most enjoyable, given their smart controls and addiction they let into. Archery and Skeet shooting are interesting too, though they are much simpler. The discus and javelin throw requires similar style of track running for tapping a button. Gymnastics and aquatic events are said to be worst turned up. Weightlifting just involves power and angles. As a whole, the tracks and fields are skillfully implemented to distinguish among a class of players and focus is set upon on timing other than button bashing.

So, overall, the games can act as a hook up, drawing the attention until the Olympics finally set the stage.


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