Dropbox Gives Doubles Space at No Extra Cost

More reasons to rejoice for Dropbox users. The news is that dropbox is about to double the storage space for its 50GB and 100GB pro subscribers at no extra cost. This means, these people can now enjoy 100GB and 200GB space at the same price, beginning at $9.99 each month or $99 a year. And if there is any further demand, there are some plans to increase this space up to 500GB which will run at $49.99 a month or $499 a year. The current pro users should see their profiles automatically upgraded to these new plans and spaces.


Dropbox, a file hosting service managed by Dropbox, Inc was founded in 2007 by Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi, both MIT graduates. The services offered are cloud storage, operating client software and file synchronization. With the growing needs of storage requirements, the start up soon gained momentum in the market and became a leader in providing reliable files management and storage facilities. Since then many official and unofficial add-ons have also been introduced by Dropbox Community such as SendToDropbox, Backup Box, MacDropAny etc.


These new features of extra storage are likely to make Dropbox more alluring to professionals and customers who need a large amount of storage for their work which include video photographers, architects and other analysts. As stated by the product marketing manager, Anna Douglas, Dropbox was also getting feedbacks from families who were requesting some extra storage space. She further commented that this extra space would work good with the new photo auto-uploading features. For this, Dropbox will also be offering a 3-month trial subscription that a user can share with a known person, a friend or a family member.

Since, other such giants like Google Drive, Microsoft Sky Drive are also competing for the top position in the cloud storage domain, such a move can highly motivate customers to move to Dropbox and help retain its popular status.

Apart from this, Dropbox is also planning to eliminate Public folders from the new accounts and introduce “get links” instead. The users who wish to share a file over web will now have to first get link of the particular object and then direct others to the file via the link. After July 31, no public folders will exist and if any app will need them, Dropbox won’t be able to help much, and the users will be recommended to switch to Shared API calls. However, the feature will continue to work the same in older existing accounts.

So, a little changes with other benefits. This sounds worth trying!


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