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To spread the word about your work and post, As you know that social media optimization play a big role to get more traffic. If social bookmarking icons are attractive then probabilities of website visitors clicking on them increases which help everybody to split, promote and bookmark your content so that can get more visitor on your blog or website.

Designed by Nouveller.Com, below is the social media bookmark icons that you can download and use wherever you like in your blog or website, for free as well!


Download this Icon Pack

The following social bookmarking sites are supported:

* Twitter
* Facebook
* YouTube
* Flickr
* Delicious
* Digg
* lastFm
* StumbleUpon
* TwitPic
* WordPress
* Vimeo
* PlayStation
* Spotify
* Tumblr
* Piano
* MySpace
* LinkedIn
* Social Vibe
* Blogger
* Technorati
* DeviantART
* Behance
* Design Float
* Live Journal
* MegaVideo
* Reddit
* Audioboo
* Ember
* Skype
* FriendFeed
* Hyves
* Yahoo!
* Bebo
* TypePad
* Xing
* Grooveshark
* CreativeCommons
* Steam
* DailyBooth
* Lockerz
* Google
* Email
* Buzz
* Dopplr
* Dribbble
* Forrst
* Gowalla
* Playfire
* Soundcloud
* Wakoopa

Download this Icon Pack and Enjoy!!

For WordPress Download the Social Media Bookmark Plugin


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