Dead ALIEN Found in Siberian Snow

Can you just imagine that you will ever find a body of an alien in the frozen wastes of Siberia? Very strange, but this is amazingly true. Two walkers claim that they have come across it. The mouth of the alien was a bit astonished and the slim body that was damaged badly lay in the snow half buried.


The two strangers had been going for a walk where they discovered this strange alien body very close to Irkutsk in Siberia. This location is especially known for its extra-terrestrial behavior and is a hotspot. The carcass of this creature which was badly damaged is a resemblance of the Eiffel tower and is about two feet high. The skull head bears deeper holes of the eyes and mouth and a part of its right leg is found to be missing.

The UFO fans claims that the body has been left back after an accident by the ET visitors or it must have been missed by the alien experts of the Russian military, clearing after the collision.

It was indeed unbelievable for each one who first viewed this terrific image. Apart from all, what was more spooky was, there were no indications of a spaceship. It must have been taken away and the alien was overlooked, it seems.


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