How To Create Animated GIF Images

There are many apps that lye under the category of Photography available in the iOS App Store. One of those many apps I like the most is the Gif Camera app which lets you create animated images in GIF format on your iPhone and iPod touch. This app is available for a limited time so grab it now and follow this article to know how to create your own animated GIF images.

This app basically shoots the images directly from the built-in camera of your iPhone and iPod touch. Then it blends the captured image with funky appearances. Let me tell you again this app is available for only $0.99 till it gets back to its original price tag which is $2.99.


The app is pretty easy to use and doesn’t require any technical knowledge. You just need to shoot the frames from the shooter using a simple click before hitting the play button to preview the captured image. You can then finally save your image!

Gif Image Camera

Besides creating custom animated GIF images, it has the extra-ordinary social sharing feature which lets you share your creative images on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Orkut and etc. You can also make changes according to your preference for customized use. You can easily delete frames before saving the final image you think are not necessary to keep. In addition, you can modify the playback speed between each frame.

An impressive feature in this app is the ability to search the Twitter’s platform for the Gif Camera hashtag through which you can open and view other Gif Camera users’ creations.


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