Common Questions When Booking a Private Jet

Private Jet

There are many alternatives available when you choose private jet operators, but how does one know if you are choosing the safe and secure charter? Make sure to ask some questions to make sure that your private jet company has you covered in the best ways. Furthermore, you can save yourself by taking care of the details in advance, as well as look out for your own safety.

Here are some common questions when booking a private jet:

How many travellers could a long, large range jet afford?

 If you were to rent a Gulfstream G450 or Falcon 900, you would be able to take up to 14 to 15 travellers over a range of 500 miles.

What is the best size air jet for a large number of people?

 Foresee Aviation can lease private aircraft with facilities from 1 to 100+ passengers. If you were to charter a super mid-sized jet such as a Gulfstream 200, you could take up to 10 travellers at a range of 3120 miles.

What does an Empty Leg Flight mean?

 In the Aviation world, Empty Leg Flight is a flight where a customer has booked a one way trip except the aircraft is empty going back to its initial airport. Also, it is known as the ‘Dead Head’ flight. The reason people choose this flight is that they can travel from one place to another at an affordable price than a commercial flight.

I need an aircraft for more than 40 people as I have a wedding, what kind of jet do I require?

 You would need to go for a VIP Airliner for such amount of travelers. Boeing Business Jet is also a kind of private jet that you could hire to take 16 to 50 passengers for such a big event. The Boeing Business Jet can travel over 6000 nautical miles which is halfway across the globe in the flying distance. The advantage of chartering this jet is that it can be equipped with a cinema, bar, bedroom, boardroom, bathroom and dining facilities.

What if the size of passengers increases to 100 for my wedding, what air jet would I need?

Foresee Aviation can provide you a Boeing 767 VIP Airliner. The Boeing 767 VIP can fly with 102 passengers all in First Class VIP seating arrangements. This jet can travel 3640 miles which could fly from New York to Los Angeles.

For more details, get in touch with as this is one of the largest fleets of lavish, luxurious, and rich aircraft. We value time and know its worth for our customers as well. Connect with us to know us more.

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