Clinic Dermatech celebrates Women’s Day


Let’s celebrate by enhancing our own selves

New Delhi, March 6th, 2019: Women’s Day is a day of celebration and reflection on progress made to promote and protect women’s equality and human rights. Clinic Dermatech marks this day as“Pink Day”.Pink stands for unconditional love and understanding and is associated with giving and receiving care and women are best known for the same.

At Clinic Dermatech, we believe that Women’s Day is all about feminine spirits and their endeavors in different sectors of developments, and at the same time, it is important even today to take witness of all their achievements while applauding their intense efforts to achieve this milestone in their lives. We believe that each woman is special and let’s do something more than special for women. Let us, this Women’s Day, be more self – aware, self-loving, self- caring.

On this Women’s Day, Clinic Dermatech announces “#FlauntFearlessly” – a unique proposition for all women in the city. On this special day we are giving away our products to the women who book an appointment with us. This Women’s Day, bring the change which makes one look more gorgeous, happier and healthier.

Mr. Rajesh Singh, Senior Vice-President, Clinic Dermatech says, “Women today, in a fast-paced world hardly get any time to take care of themselves. We at Clinic Dermatech understands that Individuals today are hard pressed for time due to long working hours and the increasing stress in keeping up with the demands of their careers. Keeping in mind the busy schedule and the urge to look beautiful and forever young and attractive, Clinic Dermatech has introduced most advanced technologies, while adhering to the high standards and putting client’s best interest first. Most of our treatments are painless with very little or no downtime.”

Women today have left their mark in every industry and career path. There are many professions today which are dominated by women. Even in the business world, they are not behind, gaining a lot of popularity owing to their hard work and persistent efforts. The idea of Women’s Day is not to let down the achievements made by men nor to overrate the accomplishments made by today’s women. The basic ideology is to create a more balanced world where both the genders can work together in a similar work environment taking inspirations from each – others work and capabilities.

This Women’s Day, we urge all women to grab this wonderful offer of free gifts while visiting Clinic Dermatech.


About Clinic Dermatech:

Clinic Dermatech is India’s Leading and Most Recognised Skin, Beauty and Aesthetic Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic that offers upscale services and treatments to its esteemed clients.

Continuing its efforts towards empowering men and women to lead successful lives through the ability to look and feel attractive, Clinic Dermatech offers aesthetic surgery to its portfolio of cosmetic dermatology. It offers bespoke treatments at purpose-built clinics with treatment rooms in a pleasing atmosphere with trained staff. Clinic Dermatech has consistently won awards for its service and beauty treatments and is North India’s Most Awarded Skin Clinic.

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