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How To Clean The Cache of iDevices

If you own a non-jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch you won’t certainly be able to install the iCleaner tweak and do a spring cleaning of your device. Your device may be stuffed with offline caches, temporary files and junk files which are of no use and that too are taking great amount of space, this is where PhoneClean (from iMobie) comes to the rescue. It is a utility for cleaning the temporary data from the memory of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


phone clean app

This application or utility or whatever you may call it runs on windows and it is pretty effective at cleaning things up. And besides, it is totally free! It is supported by Windows XP and above and requires only 3.5 MB of disk space.

According to the designer of this app:

“Your iPhone will run faster and more smoothly.”

This free app removes the unnecessary cluster of files which are not needed by your iDevice and are stored without any such purpose. These files are stored on your iDevice while you open any website and launch any application and perform other similar activities. Upon running the PhoneClean on your iDevice, you will definitely see improvement in the speed and the memory will also expand.

Remember: If you are using PhoneClean to clean any of your iDevice, you need to remember that your device may lose some features that you use normally for example the saved searches, cookies and history will be cleaned from your browsers if you run PhoneClean on your iDevice. If you want to keep them saved, you should run the browser before running the PhoneClean app on your device.


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