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How to Change the Save File Interval Time in Windows 8

You may admire other features of Windows 8 but you would certainly complain about the File History feature which automatically creates a backup of your files at intervals set by default (1 hour, to be precise). It eats a lot of space on your hard disk so it may be an unwanted feature for those who have low disk space. Luckily you can turn off this feature in Windows. Simply follow the below easy step-by-step guide to change the save file interval time in Windows 8:

How to change the save file interval time in Windows 8

Step#1: Open the Control Panel of Windows 8 by clicking your right mouse button on the bottom left of the screen and then selecting from the list.


Step#2: Once you enter into the Control Panel, change the “set by” option to “Category”, and after that click on the “File History” link under “System and security”

Step 2

Step#3: Find the “Advanced settings” link at the left side of the screen and head over to “Save copies of files” option. There you can select your preferred save file interval time from the drop down menu.

Step 3

Step#4: Once you set your desired save file interval time, hit the button that says “Save Changes” in order to save your changes and that’s all.

Step 4


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