How to Change Favicon in Blogger

Have you blog with Blogspot? and wanna have some different favicon icon with your own logo or blog name image? Yeah! it is possible to do this with blogger too! You know, favicon is small icon of your blog design, you can change it any time with different icon. Blog look good with favicon, so, try to use favicon in all blog even if you host with blogger or wordpress.

There are two way to change Blogspot favicon.

1.  Upload a file!


a. Login your blog with email id and password.
b. Go to Design > Page Elements.

Blog Favicon

c. See Favicon and click on Edit > Choose File > Save!
d. Now! enjoy blogging with favicon!

2.  Add a file Meta in HTML!

a. Login your blogpot account
b. Go to Layout > Edit HTML
c. Add following code with your image file.

<link href=’image url’ rel=’shortcut icon’/>
<link href=’image url’ rel=’icon’/>

Add code before </head> tags.  That’s it…!!


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  1. Very cool! I’m going to give this a shot, question though: Does the image have to be icon size or will it format it? I have some great ideas for icons for my blog, but nothing .icon size!!

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