Canon A3300 Digicam: Quick Review

Let me start off with a disclaimer that I am no camera expert or an avid photographer, I am just me. This article should be considered as just user review on the very good looking canon A3300 which gives you a layman’s perspective. If you are planning to purchase a digital camera for the first time and if you want to buy a simple point and shoot camera then you might want to consider this.


Specifications: Compared to other cameras of this range, It is studded with more features which lets you personalize your camera experience. It’s a 16 mp camera with 5x optical zoom and has 3 inch LCD screen. This camera is capable of shooting 720p HD video with resolution of 1280 x 720 at 30 fps(like u really care). The Auto sensitivity of the camera ranges from ISO 80 – 1600. Picture clarity is more at lower ISO.

Canon A3300 Digicam
Canon A3300 Digicam

Look and feel: It is a very good looking camera and very compact. Canon A3300 comes with very nice colour options with neat finish. I am using the blue colour and I can confidently use it anywhere I like since it’s not embarassingly colourful for a digicam. Menu options are straight forward and you quickly become used to it. The buttons are flat and are not like feather touch which is good for a digicam. The 3 inch LCD screen has 230,000 dots resolution.You can’t take your eyes off this camera!5 on 5.

Modes: This is the highlight of Canon A3300. It comes with various modes and the best part is u can switch between modes fast and easy. If you are like one of those exceptionally lazy kind of person(hello there), you can use the Auto mode which does everything for you professional style. There are also several other modes like easy mode- which are supposed to be used by dummies, Live control mode- which gives you control over your own pics like brightness ISO etc. The discreet mode is pretty useful as it shuts off the flash and click sound. There are also some other modes like fish eye which filters the pics accordingly. Then there is the video mode which, like you guessed, lets you record videos.

Performance: Canon A3300 is consistent with good image quality and natural colours. Upto ISO800, noise is minimal and I’d recommend the ISO setting to be 400 or below. If light is too dim you can opt for a higher ISO. But I have to mention, under low light you can notice some softness of detail around the edges. The battery life is not impressive but acceptable(around 200 snaps).

Overall you’ll love this digicam for a lot of reasons. If you want to gift anyone or if you are thinking how to spend your salary in a useful way, then go for it.


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