The Bitter Truth About Steve Job

Last week marked a substantial change at Apple with Steve Jobs; the Visionary and Co-founder of it stepped down from the post of CEO. His place will be taken by Tim Cook who was the chief operating officer of the company formerly.


Since January, Steve was on medical leave, but even then he showed his presence at the Worldwide Developer’s conference of the company and inauguration of the iPad2 in June. His new role was that of a Company board’s chairman.

Steve Jobs

Right form 1997, Jobs was considered as the core of Apple. He has played a major role in helping the company turn from the brink of bankruptcy to the world’s 2nd valuable company. He is believed to be more worthy than five billion dollars, but attempted to put a figurative black sheet on his personal life. The difficult part to believe is that he is a Zen Buddhist, which strongly believes in anti-materialism. However, Steve ran such a big company, offered some company’s money to charity and funds. According to Leander Kahney, he should be anti-materialist being a Buddhist.

This fifty six year old guy, hence stepped down from his post of CEO of Apple that is one of the most prominent and esteemed company throughout the world. For decades, people were kept away from this bitter truth.


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  1. Perhaps people are saying that to get money and attention, it’s not the first time that’s happened :/

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