Now, An App to Provide Divine Guidance From Heavens

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Divine experiences have gained so much popularity nowadays that amid the hustle and bustle of life, people are choosing to take up the calmer path of spirituality. Integrating Technology with the realm, a temple in southern Taiwan is all set to launch a smartphone app that will allow the users to seek Advices straight from heavens even when they are on a move.

“With the increasing popularity of smartphones, we will launch our own divination app next year,” said Hung Yang-chen, website designer for Jhen Hai Temple in Pingtung county, according to Central News Agency.

This temple has also provided space for a website back in 2005 aiming at offering divine services to faithful all over the world. People today are not free to personally visit spiritual places and enjoy the relief such places hold, so such an initiative is bound to assist them in life in some way or other. Advices about love, business, personal, work dilemmas and relationships can be asked for. Since, the website was launched, an increase was observed in the visitors visiting the temple physically, almost a rise of 30%. Further to expand, the temple authorities decided to utilize the services of a growing mobile market.

The local temples full of worshipers are an important Taoist practice in Taiwan. With such a platform, not only the people there, but all over the world can enjoy the divine guidance with no extra efforts.


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