Anti-Virus Solution for Connected Home Network

The future is setting in and technology is moving onto its next gear. After a plethora of smart communication mediums to smart computers, TVs, tablets and phones, soon smart appliances will be decorating our home. At the age we are living in and the age we are stepping into, people want everything to be simple yet sophisticated and gadgets which handle the workload and perform the function in an intelligent manner.


As stated by the Economics Times, Over five-billion devices are likely to be connected to Wi-Fi in the home by 2014. By 2015, the number of such devices which will be connected to Internet Protocols will be twice that of the world’s population, says Ed Doe, product line director at telecom chipmaker Broadcom’s Networking SOC business.

Anti-Virus Solution
Anti-Virus Solution

So, when smarter refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners each with their smart computers will be at their work connected to the web, there may arise security issues. As the computers and phones etc need to be protected from viruses, malwares, any scams such as phishing or junking spam, similar way, there would be requirement to protect the whole home network.

Who will know if the washing machine will be sending spam later or someone would be remotely controlling your machine leading it to malpractices? So, Symantec, developer of Norton anti-virus software is making its due preparation for this near future security concern. Broadcom and Symantec’s Norton Labs are working on such anti-virus security software which is scheduled to be released later this year.

The project codenamed “Project Apollo” the solution of whose will run on Broadcom hardware will do the task of securing all the devices at a home network. The whole logic is to protect the software that is blocking attacks at the router than to protect individual appliances. The project will take benefit of the high computing power of the Broadcom’s chips with dual ARM CPU, allowing the router vendors to implement Norton Security solution into their devices. As the router will never be turned off, the security layer is never broken and it protects the hardware from any malicious site or program being downloaded inadvertently. The advantage will be that instead of having a clutter of security programs each according to a device’s configuration settings, this easily feasible solution will form a common interface and take care of everything together.

Other features likely to be incorporated are integration with the Norton Online backup and the NortonLive help service. Also, management of all devices could be done easily done with Norton Management or Norton One.

So, time to take a leap in the future- in a secured way!


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